Thursday, July 17, 2014


"It's not possible to give precise figures, but even the most conservative estimates put the expense at billions of dollars annually in the United States, the total expenditure is pegged at $200 Billion. The direct medical expenses are at $60 Billion and the indirect expenses at $15 Billion. Recent studies have shown by 2017, the annual cost of cancer research will reach over $2 Trillion. According to pharmaceutical companies, the high price of drugs in unavoidable. It has been estimated that drug companies spend over $800 Billion on developing a product. This includes market and research." (

I believe the answers and healing for cancer is in You. The simple and common man and woman. It's in your heart, in front of your eyes. But you have remained silent. I don't believe it's in the Billions of Dollars. If the Billions of Dollars had a cure at this given minute, it would take about 20 more years to get through the FDA, licensing, drug industries, etc., before being available to the public.

People need to be healed NOW, today. Almost everyone in America knows someone who has cancer, died from cancer, or being affected by cancer. I believe God is saying, "You Heal Cancer." This is not a medical site and was inspired by God for you to share your testimonies, prayers and remedies to heal cancer. It may be a product at the local drug store, inside your medicine cabinet, in your garden, an herb, spice, a supplement, a vitamin, a mineral, or in your food pantry or refrigerator. It may be that we are to stop doing some things, start some new things, or combine some things together. It may be eating whole foods, less food, and some food are not to be eaten at all. There is one saying that goes something like this, "We are what we eat," or "Health is in our gut," and Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food."
I believe to heal cancer is in the simplicity, because the complexity has not healed or removed cancer from our Nation of people in America.
People who contracted or developed cancer were not all wealthy and received things that only rich people could do or eat. The majority of cancer patients are of our common population, around things that are easily available to all citizens, no matter the economic status. By that, so should the remedies to heal cancer. They will not be something that is rare, difficult to find, or expensive to anyone's budget. Everyone should be able to try your remedies and be healed. One remedy may not work well for all because people are of difficult backgrounds, races and physiology, and from different locations around the Country. That's why this site is not set up to promote one product or findings from one person. When God placed "You Heal Cancer" in my heart, it was to be open to the world to share and post their remedies in order to heal all. It would be a "Collective You." People with cancer could go to the site and read what others who care about them have written and believed in their remedies, testimonies and prayers to heal.

If you are the one with cancer, your current medical relationship and treatment with your doctors and specialists is between you and them. No one on this site is trying to replace your medical professionals or hospitals. All information that you read here is for your consideration and prayers. In order to receive the best recovery from this site, please read all three Pages - Testimonies, Remedies and Prayers. Ecclesiastes 4:12, "A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."