Rev. Dorothy Wellington

For 34 years I have been teaching people about God and how to live their lives in peace, love and joy. When people are so deeply troubled with broken hearts, life hardships, addictions, sickness and disease, it's difficult to live in God's will for peace, love and joy. It is written, "All things are possible with God." (Mark 10:27). Cancer is not above God, it is not above the Name of Jesus, cancer is not more powerful than the Word or Spirit of God. When those words came to me, "You Heal Cancer," it was not based on science or medicine, God wanted all people to be healed of all cancers. This would be a blog for people to write in their beliefs to heal cancer.

Because of God, I don't believe the world is ignorant of a healing for cancer, the answers are in the people. If you participate on this blog on what has been in your heart, people in need of healing will come to this site, read, and find a word that will minister to their heart, implement it in their lives and be healed. The site is not to take the place of their hospitals, treatment centers or doctors, but it is a place for people to receive help and a cure that has been inspired by God in the hearts of His people.

I wrote, "Meet the Fear of Fear," this book would be a great inspiration of truth for you to order. It will help you to stand in-spirit with God where the miraculous takes place. I have a library of books at


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